Who We Serve


Founded in 1983, Merkle RMG provides donation processing, fulfillment, and donor care services to nonprofit organizations that raise funds via direct mail.

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Who We Serve


Merkle RMG has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality remittance processing services to county and local governments.

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Who We Serve


Merkle RMG partners with many of the most respected commercial brands to provide fast, accurate and efficient order management and fulfillment, combined with responsive inbound contact center services.

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Industry Insights –

Pushing the Envelope

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Spring Transformation … Yes, I Think So.

As an industry, we are sitting on the precipice of momentous change. I am hoping that nonprofits see this as an opportunity to transform their current approach to donor cultivation, and begin... Read more

Hello 2018. I’m so glad you’re here!

The reason Merkle RMG is critical is because we are the eyes and ears for a nonprofit. Think about it — we are the first to engage with a donor. Whether it is processing a donation, flagging a... Read more

That’s a Wrap, Folks.

We polled a number of our nonprofit clients earlier this month to take their temperature on the year-end giving situation. While these results are by no means statistically significant,... Read more

Inside Merkle –

Leading with Care

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What’s the biggest room in the house?

In these highly competitive times, companies must focus on developing the internal systems to deliver a better customer experience. To do that requires understanding the state of the experience... Read more

Getting to Know: Jim Stouffer, Vice President of Technology Services

As our resident IT wizard, Jim oversees security, connectivity, software applications and hardware, and facility/property management. We rely on him to ensure that our technology and... Read more

What’s love got to do with it?

And we are not just tapping our inner-Tina Turner. All of us at Merkle RMG are driven by a love of our work…and a love of doing business with our partners! One of my goals is for that dedication... Read more