Acknowledgement & Fulfillment

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Sending timely and meaningful gift acknowledgements is proven to increase donor retention and average amount of future gifts. Using the data that we capture for you or data files sent to us, we print personalized acknowledgements and mail them by the next business day.

Our in-house programmers manage the letter templates that allow data variables – such as “new donor” status or campaign code – to determine the content printed for each letter. We also insert various items, including brochures and decals, according to the specifications of your different packages.

We store any back-end premiums in our secure warehouse and package and ship them with the same level of care and timeliness. Our inventory management system and reporting help ensure that we have the necessary stock to fulfill items by the next business day.

Our complete acknowledgement and premium solution includes:

  • Personalized donor acknowledgements
  • Premium fulfillment
  • Literature fulfillment
  • Picking, packing and shipping of orders
  • Kitting
  • Returns processing
  • Shipping, inventory and returns reporting

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