Blooming with New Donor Acknowledgement Ideas

I’m not sure about you, but after the sub-zero temperatures and the relentless snow that we experienced this winter, I’m happy to see blue skies and the spring flowers blooming outside my office window.

Springtime is about renewal and getting a fresh start. For many nonprofits, it marks the beginning of a new fundraising season. This allows organizations to open the door to new and creative ideas to engage and interact with donors.

So what can you do to impress the new donors you’ll be attracting this spring? To help get the ball rolling, I’ve listed a few ideas:

Donor Tool Kit

Assemble a thank you kit to recognize and greet new donors. A special package or series of messages is a memorable acknowledgement to welcome new donors to your nonprofit family and thank them for donating. Be creative, be different!

Items to consider could include a personalized call or maybe a post on social media from an executive board member. Your nonprofit could also share a visual representation of the organization’s mission with a photo or video. Keep track of each donor and remember to send anniversary messages and specified campaign acknowledgements.

Personalize through Data

Does everyone get the same thank you note? They shouldn’t. With today’s technology, we have changed the way we look at acknowledgement programs. Merkle RMG started looking at unique data points of each individual donor to personalize their acknowledgement.

Put yourself in your donor’s shoes. Wouldn’t a personalized message be more memorable? So, for instance, if your donor put a stamp on a business reply envelope, recognize it, mention it and thank them for it. Similarly, if a donor uses a check with a breast cancer design, call it out in your letter. Nonprofits that customize their thank-yous will be unforgettable, which leads to greater loyalty and retention in the long run.

Surprise your Donors

We always recommend to our nonprofit clients to incorporate the plethora of communication vehicles to reach out to donors, which includes picking up the phone. Take a minute before you send your next round of fundraising e-blasts and do outbound thank-you calls to your donor lists.

Hold on the “ask”! It’s a nice gesture to pick up the phone just to be thanked without asking for anything in return. A charity that calls to have a personal conversation can leave a big impact to a donor.

What other ideas can you think of? Tell us below!