Enhancing Wellness in the Workplace Through Yoga

As always, we’re committed to providing information and opportunities to help our employees make healthier life choices. We’re excited to add Yoga to our multi-faceted wellness program, which also includes group exercise classes, nutrition advice, wellness meetings, and other programs to support a higher quality of life for our staff.

Merkle RMG recently teamed with Michelle Grimes, a local Yoga and Meditation expert. After such a positive response to the free exercise classes led by our fitness partner, Corinna Nelson, we saw Yoga as a great way to expand our program and address an even broader range of employee wellness needs. That’s when Corinna connected us with Michelle.

Here, Michelle explains how she helps Merkle RMG staff use Yoga and Meditation to improve their health and productivity.  

“The feedback from everyone who participates is nothing but positive. Michelle makes everybody feel comfortable regardless of their skillset and performance level. She creates an atmosphere that makes people want to continue to participate.” – Bill Sayre

As a certified Yoga instructor in the Hagerstown community, I’m excited to bring the benefits of Yoga to Merkle RMG employees. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years, and for the last decade, I’ve been teaching others how to use Yoga and Meditation to build strength, reduce stress, improve focus and flexibility, and make other positive changes in their mind and body.

Two days a week, I lead free classes in Yoga and Guided Meditation at the Merkle RMG fitness facility. Classes are scheduled at lunchtime, so employees can use their breaks as a time to re-energize, re-focus and relax.

Yoga for All Levels

In two 30-minute Yoga sessions, I guide participants through poses, stretches and breathing exercises to help them improve balance, strength, mobility, and even their mood. Of course, the dynamic postures of Yoga aren’t for everyone – constantly getting up and down can be a challenge. As an alternative, I offer a 15-minute “chair Yoga” class, which lets those with physical limitations experience the benefits of Yoga, without the floorwork. We use the same breathing techniques along with straps, blocks, and other props from regular practices. In just a few minutes, employees can reduce tension, improve their posture and deepen their flexibility, all from their chair. It’s a simple, convenient way to improve physical and mental fitness, at their desk or at home.

Mindful Meditation

In my 15-minute Guided Meditation class, I take employees through relaxation techniques to help them de-stress and re-center their thoughts. Mindful Meditation offers a wealth of proven benefits -- it calms your central nervous system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and can even help with weight management and easing depression. Employees go back to work feeling more focused, alert and relaxed, which helps them be more productive not just in their jobs, but in all parts of their life. 

Everyone Can Benefit

My goal is to make the benefits of Yoga and Meditation accessible to everyone. I can modify to all levels, so each person can take part in a way that works for them. Every class is a no-judgment zone, and I love seeing how Merkle RMG employees are so accepting and supportive of each other.

Here’s what two staff members shared about their experiences:

I’m a worrier and I stress about everything. Since starting Yoga with Michelle, my stress level has dropped considerably. I’m much more laid back. Even speaking in front of clients isn’t as stressful for me.”  - Amy Green, Exception Services

“Doing Michelle’s Yoga class makes me more motivated to get my work done and puts me in a better mood. I’ve also lost seven pounds since starting the class. It helps you make better choices. When I first started, my “downward dog” pose looked like a “U”, but now that my flexibility has improved it actually looks like a “V” like it’s supposed to!”   - Melissa Carney, Exception Services

It’s an honor to empower the people of Merkle RMG to make noticeable improvements in their lives. I look forward to exploring other wellness methods with Merkle RMG as more employees discover the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.  

Yoga is just one of the ways Merkle RMG invests in employee wellness. Interested in joining our team? Visit our careers page to learn more.