Merchant Services from Merkle RMG: Lower Cost Credit Card Processing For All Fundraising Channels

Merchant Services from Merkle RMG: Lower Cost Credit Card Processing For All Fundraising Channels

Can you believe we're almost two months into 2019 already?! Hopefully you are on track with your fundraising plans so far and this includes growth in the number and value of donations to your organization. Minimizing the cost of processing those gifts while making it an easy, secure and positive experience for your donors is critical to maximizing the funds that go toward serving your mission.

The Future of Giving

Credit cards are emerging as the pay-type of choice as more and more donors turn to online and other forms of digital giving. Paying by card is the most convenient, secure way to give and receive funds, and as our society becomes more mobile and less cash-reliant, credit card transactions will only increase. Unfortunately, your budget probably won’t. That’s why in the future, keeping credit card processing costs low will be more critical than ever.

Merchant Services

Merkle RMG saw this coming. And now — together with our payment processing partner — we offer our clients affordable merchant services for all donation channels. Because of the large number of clients we serve (190 nonprofits and counting) we’re able to offer everyone deeply discounted processing fees, thanks to economies of scale. Those rates are lower than any individual nonprofit could ever negotiate on its own.

Any method, Any channel

Our services can support credit card transactions made on any device, through any channel — not just direct mail. Even if we’re not the ones handling a particular giving program, we can support credit card processing for whatever channel you use to receive donations — whether it’s online, over the phone, via direct mail or at a live event.

Speed and Security

In addition to reduced costs and high flexibility, our clients also benefit from enhanced security and speed. Just like in our direct mail credit card processing, our merchant services solution is PCI compliant at level 1 — the highest tier. Payment data is protected end-to-end, and your nonprofit receives funds by the next business day.

Data Insights

We’re also excited to offer our clients a data consolidation option, where they can view all revenue data from their various channels on a single dashboard whether or not we handle all of the credit card processing. In that way, we help them streamline their reporting, reconciliation and analysis, so they can derive quicker, more accurate insights — findings that can mean a lot to your nonprofit’s budget, program and overall effectiveness in being a good steward of the donations that allow you to serve your mission.   

I’m excited to share this latest development with you. To me, it’s a prime example of Merkle RMG’s forward-thinking approach to donation processing.

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