Promoting Wellness as a Way of Life

At Merkle Response Management Group (RMG), wellness is a core part of our business strategy. Through our multi-faceted wellness program, we provide information and opportunities to help employees make healthier choices. It’s part of how we invest in our talent and give them the resources to lead more productive and rewarding lives.

We’re also proud to be named a “Healthiest Maryland Business” by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). This statewide movement aims to create a culture of wellness, and recognizes businesses for their commitment to fostering a healthy workforce.

Recently, we partnered with a local expert to enhance our wellness offerings. Corinna Nelson is a personal trainer, life coach and owner of Zeal Fitness, a local business dedicated to wellness coaching. Twice a week, Corinna comes to Merkle RMG headquarters to lead free group exercise sessions and help employees address their individual fitness needs. In this blog, Corinna tells us about her role in Merkle RMG’s wellness initiative.

Corinna Nelson, Owner, Zeal Fitness

My passion for wellness is rooted in personal experience. A struggle with weight loss, combined with the harrowing impact of a family member’s illness, motivated me to learn everything I could about the human body – biologically and mechanically – to help make people well. 

I was thrilled to bring Corinna on board to support Merkle RMG’s fitness program.  Since she started, we’ve seen a significant increase in class enrollment. Her passion for helping others is obvious to everyone in the class. Corinna has quickly proven to be a valuable asset to our company’s culture of wellness.” - Bill Sayre

I’m a therapist by trade. I have a background in behavioral therapy, and my philosophy is that the mind must be okay for the body to be okay. When we empower people to make positive changes that improve their total quality of life, we’re helping them be their best selves – at work, and in everything they do.

Fitness is attainable for anyone, regardless of athletic level. My group classes are designed to help Merkle’s employees improve their strength, coordination and cardiovascular health. I work with each person at their own pace – mentally and physically – and modify exercises based on need so each participant gets a workout that’s best for them.

Communication is vital to each employee’s wellness journey. I offer to keep an email exchange with clients to ensure they’re on the right path for their specific goals. Some have defined goals like losing a certain number of pounds. Others have goals that are less measurable – like being more energized and focused at work, fitting into a pair of pants, or feeling less tired walking up stairs. Their feedback  is what helps me track their progress, which is why ongoing communication is so important to a wellness plan.

Merkle RMG’s program promotes empowerment and informed choices. In addition to personalized coaching offered in the fitness center, dietary tips and exercise videos are posted to  Facebook for employees to use outside of class. Merkle RMG also publishes a wellness newsletter, where I share fitness and nutrition advice as an added resource for employees.

I’m here to help Merkle RMG employees achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle – not perfection. I always tell clients, “You work out to live, not live to work out.” My goal is to help each individual attain the balance and direction they need to be well on the inside and out.  

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