There is no Future in the Past

2021 brings us all hope, optimism, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our staff, clients and the communities we serve.

2020 was certainly a year like no other.  While we will not be able to fully move on from 2020 until COVID-19 is behind us, I am thankful that there are signs we will soon put the worst behind us.  Vaccinations are beginning to be distributed across our country, our employees remain safe and healthy, and we all have a renewed energy and sense of possibilities as 2021 begins.


As all of you know, despite newly authorized vaccines, COVID-19 remains a dangerous public health threat and cases in the Washington, DC area continue to increase.  Managing the COVID-19 crisis remains my number one priority until the threat is gone.  Our employees’ health and safety are paramount as we move through the first quarter of 2021.  We’re an essential business serving the critical missions of our clients and committed to providing the best combination of execution and service as we continue to navigate the pandemic.  We’re doing everything we can to maintain a safe working environment and keeping our employees and clients informed of any impact on our business as a result of COVID.   


As we begin 2021, we’re poised to have our best year ever.  We have established the strongest Executive Leadership team that I have worked with in my more than 25 years in management.  Our Vice President of Client Services, Alex Holtzman, is committed to excellent communication, complete transparency, and enhancing our customer service strategy with each of our clients.  Jim Papa, our Vice President of Operations, is committed to driving efficiency and operational excellence so we can continue to provide our clients the highest levels of quality.  The quality that you have come to know and expect in our over 38 years of working with Non-Profit Clients.

Our Vice President of Human Resources, Lori Barone, is working on a strategic hiring, retention, and growth plan that will allow us to continue to hire the best employees in the area to serve our clients’ important missions.  We’re also committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce, where fairness and equality of opportunity is ingrained in each of us.  Steve Gregg, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Amy Bobrick, our Vice President of Strategy, and Jim Stouffer, our Vice President of Technology, are committed to developing new lines of business that will further enhance our already best in class service offering.   


Merkle Response Management Group is unique because we don’t think of ourselves as a vendor.   We’re a strategic partner that cares about the donor journey and more importantly,  understands our role in the success of that journey and the impact it has on the missions of our nonprofit clients.  The biggest difference between us and our competitors is our ability to adapt and change.  If 2020 taught us anything, it was that roadblocks can and will happen.  It’s how we learn from them and how we overcome and get stronger because of them that proves our adaptability and resilience.  Moving forward, we don’t want it to be “business as usual”.  We will push and challenge ourselves to be unique.  We will not rest on what has worked in the past.

We know our purpose and our destination, and we’re committed to creating a culture that is built on trust and leadership.  To do that, constant coaching and development for our employees must happen.  We will instill continuous innovation and improvement to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.  Innovation will be applied to our business model, our processes, and our service offerings.  We will seek out strategic partnerships and will collaborate with our clients, leveraging experience from outside partners when necessary.  Finally, we will never stop innovating.  We know that we must change as the landscape changes.  By monitoring trends, we will be able to understand how Merkle Response Management Group needs to evolve to meet our clients’ requirements and changing service needs.  I am excited to work with our clients, staff and the nonprofit industry on this journey and wish everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year.  Hello 2021!  We’re ready for you.