The Value of Outsourcing to a Strategic Partner

The Standard Approach

When nonprofits think about how outsourcing can help their donation processing, they probably have some standard advantages in mind. In a typical outsourced solution, the benefits are mostly tactical; the donation processor receives the mail, puts money in the bank, captures data, delivers it to the client, and then starts all over again, always serving as the last link of the chain. This kind of solution supports the core competencies of caging and data capture, but it’s missing a strategic element.

A More Holistic Solution

Merkle Response Management Group (RMG) offers a far more robust solution. It’s a cohesive and complete back-end service that supports caging and data capture, but also includes exceptions handling; timely acknowledgements; inbound contact center services for donor service support and requests for donations; outbound credit card recovery and thank-you calls; and a best-in-class sustainer processing and management program for more reliable income streams and cost advantages.

Partnering with our clients, we deliver a holistic solution that’s a strategic part of their program – not just a bunch of tactical pieces. Nonprofits get everything they need from a single vendor while also saving costs, gaining efficiencies, and staying highly responsive to their donors.

A New Direction

Here at Merkle RMG, we’re evolving beyond our role as just a back-end service provider. We’re serving our clients as an experienced, trusted collaborator at the front end of the process. This is very different from how anyone in our industry has approached outsourcing before. As a strategic partner from the start, we use our capabilities, staffing, resources and best practices to help clients make forward-thinking decisions that drive greater donor satisfaction and improved retention.  

As a donation processor, we have a unique perspective on donors. Our employees are the ones who directly handle the detailed information donors submit, including changes, comments, and specific requests. How we capture and respond to those responses sets the tone for all subsequent interactions. Everything that follows – acknowledgements, fulfillment, phone calls, and more – stems from that initial touch point. We help nonprofits by turning that information into actionable intelligence from the onset.

Dedicated Account Services

Our experienced account managers are vital to our strategic partnerships. They act as a client’s designated representative within Merkle RMG, communicating closely to keep them updated and connected to all aspects of their business activity. They provide clients with proactive guidance by helping identify areas for improvement and recommending best practices for better outcomes. At Merkle RMG, account management is more than just a customer service role; it’s about helping clients make strategic, more informed decisions to help them meet their business objectives, and supporting their growth over time.

Trust is Essential

Above all, a strategic partnership is based on trust and commitment. At Merkle RMG, those values are part of everything we do in serving our clients. By supporting nonprofits with strategy and holistic solutions, we hope to become even more integral to their efforts to build stronger relationships with their donors and advancing their worthwhile missions.   

What do you think of Merkle RMG’s new approach?  How do you see it bringing value to an organization like yours? Please join the conversation!