What’s love got to do with it?


And we are not just tapping our inner-Tina Turner. All of us at Merkle RMG are driven by a love of our work…and a love of doing business with our partners!

One of my goals is for that dedication and passion to show through in everything we do.

And so, on this Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to share some new plus tried and true ways we show our love:

  • New Team Members. We have added two new team members who are solely focused on meeting client service needs. Amy Wigfield and Carolyn Hobbs joined Merkle RMG last fall as Relationship Directors, bringing a new level of industry knowledge and experience as you can see from their bio’s below. Leading a team of Account Managers, Amy and Carolyn are helping foster strategic partnerships while providing an improved level of oversight and professional development for our passionate team in Client Services.
  • Dedicated Account Managers. Our clients continue to benefit from best-in-class customer service provided by dedicated account managers, who are the day to day contact with all our client partners. These talented individuals develop positive and effective working relationships with a portfolio of client representatives to ensure strong communications and a timely and successful delivery of services. When we bring new clients onboard at RMG, our dedicated Account Manager demonstrates outstanding service by providing our Account Management Response Commitment. This commitment strengthens relationships by setting expectations for timely response that all our partners expect and deserve.

Working with your dedicated Account Manager, the Relationship Director and I will focus on bringing a new level of attention to the way we collaborate on client success, including identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and improve processes.

  • Improving Your Program Performance. Through our increased level of client service and partnership, Merkle RMG can help you provide outstanding service to your donors – which can translate to increased retention and improved revenue.

How do we do that? As your partner, we are able to sit at the table with you and your team, to build a deep knowledge and understanding of your program and operations. We discuss what you have laid out for 2018 and beyond, and how you are going to measure success. Through these conversations we can identify intersections of opportunity where RMG can augment and assist you to elevate the donor experience and improve performance.

  • Partnering With Partners. Our partnership extends beyond your immediate team, to quarterly or annual program review meetings with all your partners. We love to participate in these meetings, leveraging our broad client experience and areas of expertise. Not everyone finds fundraising operations “fun” or understands the impact that response management has on the donor journey. We do! And our clients love to bring us into the conversation to add a new view point and perspective.  
  • Keeping You Informed. Regular organization communication is another way we add value to our client relationships, sharing updates and industry insights through our monthly e-newsletter “Merkle’s Response.” We include content and materials that help inform your program as well as gather feedback. We close the feedback loop by reporting back in future newsletters – providing analysis of responses, status updates on client engagement programs and more, so our partners know we are listening.   
  • Keeping Your Trust. Client satisfaction – all year long – is important to all of us on the client services team and across RMG. In 2018, we are ramping up our collection of feedback – through our newsletter and with the addition of regular surveys to seek the opinion of our clients on how we are doing. We want to hear from our partners – both the highs and the lows – so we can take action as needed.

From daily customer support to high-level partner strategy, RMG Client Services is committed to delivering exceptional service and we look forward to sharing the love all year long!

Amy Wigfield
Relationship Director, Client Services

Amy (Williams) Wigfield returns to Merkle Response Management Group (RMG) bringing her 10 years of experience from her former role as an RMG Account Manager. During her tenure, her focus was to provide an outstanding client service experience while continuously working to enhance process efficiencies for new and existing services allowing her clients to focus on the mission of their organization.  More recently at the National Cancer Institute, Amy gained management experience and worked to transform existing processes to gain efficiency and accuracy for regulatory compliance. Amy is excited to return to RMG in her new role and is committed to identifying data-driven solutions and insights that build successful client partnerships for an unprecedented donor experience.

Carolyn Hobbs
Relationship Director, Client Services

Carolyn Hobbs has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector, most recently at the American Bible Society, where she focused on fundraising data and systems.  Carolyn has a passion for developing and connecting resources to people in order to drive successful, purpose driven processes. Prior to American Bible Society, Carolyn worked for multiple non-profits developing custom processes and tools to help meet the needs of the organization. She loves finding solutions that bring satisfaction and efficiency, allowing backend systems to fully support and augment the front end donor service. With her background in using data and workflow to help actualize the development goals of non-profits, Carolyn is excited to bring this client perspective to Merkle RMG. She is committed to excellent service and effective teams in order to maximize impact!