You Definitely Need Them More Than They Need You

New donor acquisition and conversion is a little like dating … bear with me …

            … limited prospects (declines in the availability of good prospect names)

            … perception is everything (acquisition appeals usually lost money)

            … checking off “the boxes” (rigid performance evaluation)

            … mixed signals (lack of investment and follow-through)

And at the end of the day, nonprofits need new donors far, far more than the donor needs the nonprofit.

Recent performance trends only confirm ongoing skepticism – acquiring a new donor and then converting that new donor is exceeding more difficult than in years past.  And unfortunately, the need for nonprofits to acquire new donors and convert them into multi-year donors remains.

In the second white paper of our Navigating the Challenges of Fundraising series, I take a deeper look into the reasons why acquiring new donors is such a challenge and share steps that nonprofits can take to better convert new donors into multi-year donors.  As you read this white paper, keep in mind the parallels that can be drawn when comparing acquisition and conversion to dating.

(Remember … these are new donors … you’re still courting them and showing them why they should support you rather than another organization.  You must keep their attention and make them feel good about the relationship!)

Maybe you are familiar with my suggestions, maybe some are new to you.  Either way, I hope after reading this white paper you take a moment to reflect on these ideas and consider making changes where opportunity exists.

You can download a copy on the Merkle RMG website, here. Share your thoughts, feedback, opinions – I always love hearing from you!  I’m on Twitter @AmyBMerkleRMG and Instagram @AmyBMerkleRMG.