Contact Center

Merkle contact management employees

When donors have questions or requests, they need to know they can speak to a live person or receive a prompt email response. Staying highly responsive to donor needs is key to building stronger relationships.

In Merkle RMG’s full-service Contact Center, our Donor Care Representatives respond to every call or email according to your specific requirements. In addition to answering questions, updating donor records, and responding to requests for additional information, scripting can include an ask for a donation as appropriate. For several of our clients, the funds raised more than offset the cost of the contact center operation.

We can also call donors to thank them on your behalf or obtain correct payment information. Studies show that a thank-you call can increase retention and gift amounts by an average of 40%. And we’ve seen through experience that credit card recovery rates are twice as high with outbound calls as they are for decline letters sent through the mail.

We strategically match our Donor Care Representatives with client accounts based on their style and personality. This ensures they reflect your organization’s message and tone, so your donor gets the same seamless contact experience they’d enjoy from speaking with a member of your own team.

Our contact center capabilities include:

  • Custom scripting and handling of calls as an extension of your own staff
  • Response to all email correspondence within 24 hours
  • Agent access to your database via the web for look-ups and direct keying
  • All calls recorded and stored for 90 days
  • Spanish-speaking agents
  • Direct transfers to client offices, when required
  • Comprehensive reporting on total volumes, average talk time, call and email activity by type, and service-level performance
  • Donor stewardship, donor engagement, donor concierge services, donor cultivation, donor welcome calls, donor thank you calls, online chats and text management

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