Customer Care

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When customers contact you with a question or comment, the quality and speed of your response can drastically influence their level of satisfaction. Companies must deliver a positive service experience on a consistent basis, efficiently managing high volumes of calls and emails – while also remaining focused on their core business.

Merkle RMG’s customer care solution helps you stay responsive to your customers’ needs while saving time and operating costs. In our full-service contact center, highly trained Customer Care Representatives answer inbound emails and live calls with speed and professionalism, in your name, according to your specifications. They also provide outbound calling and email customer service management where appropriate. It’s a cost-efficient back-office solution for quality response, keeping customers satisfied while letting you more effectively channel your resources.

We strategically match our Customer Care Representatives with client accounts based on their style and personality. They reflect your brand’s message and tone, ensuring each customer gets the same seamless contact experience they’d enjoy from speaking with a member of your own team.

We offer comprehensive reporting on total volumes, average talk time, call and email activity by type, and service-level performance. Additionally, we monitor calls to ensure that our staff adheres to scripts; capably responds to unexpected questions; provides accurate, useful answers; and continues to delight donors. We invite our clients to listen to these calls at any time.

Our customer care services include:

  • Custom scripting and handling of calls as an extension of your own staff
  • Response to all email correspondence within 24 hours
  • Agent access to your database via the web for look-ups and direct keying
  • All calls recorded and stored for 90 days
  • Ability for clients to dial in and listen to calls at any time from anywhere
  • Spanish-speaking agents
  • Direct transfers to client offices if required

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