Exceptions Handling

Merkle Employees Working on Exceptions Handling

Exceptions may account for just a fraction of your mail responses, but how you handle those transactions is a reflection of the overall quality of your donor care.

We route responses that require additional handling to our Exception Services department – or to you as the client if requested – where they’re processed according to your unique business rules. We deliver a complete back-office solution that minimizes the number of transactions sent to you, helping your staff stay focused on mission-critical work.

Highly trained employees process every non-standard piece of mail we receive, no matter how irregular or complex. Each transaction receives individualized care according to your specifications – ensuring the swift, thoughtful and accurate response every donor deserves. 

Merkle RMG’s exception services include:

  • Sending rejected responses back to the donor
  • Database look-up for white mail responses and other queries
  • Direct keying into client databases where required
  • Tributes
  • Matching gifts
  • Donor comment mail
  • Hand-written notes as well as auto-pen capabilities
  • Fulfilling annual reports, back issues of magazines, and other special requests

Learn about this service and more in our Donation Processing video:

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