Your outsourced remittance processing solution starts with secure mail extraction and same-day electronic deposit of funds. Timely processing in a highly secure facility helps optimize your cash flow.

Scanning and Imaging

When your constituents submit payments, they expect superior accuracy, security and speed in payment processing. Our advanced scanning and imaging technology captures required data and images of every document in a streamlined and secure process.

Exceptions Handling

Unlike most bank lockboxes, Merkle RMG can handle non-standard responses such as rejects and look-ups. Our exception services reduce time and cost while keeping your staff focused on mission priorities.

Case Studies

City of Baltimore

Read how the City of Baltimore partnered with Merkle RMG to improve its business processes and significantly reduce the costs associated with managing remittance processing in-house.

Town of Leesburg

Discover how the experts at Merkle RMG helped the Town of Leesburg enhance remittance security while improving cash flow, and gain the band-width to focus more attention on personalized customer service.