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Read our thoughts about the state of the fundraising industry and how we can be more effective through innovative approaches to the challenges we face.

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FEATURED POST Tuesday, April 27, 2021
You may or may not know this about me. I was a competitive figure skater for nearly half my life.

Leading with Care

Learn about Merkle RMG’s culture and the people and practices that make us an exceptional company having a positive impact on our industry and local community.

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FEATURED POST Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Like many others in our field, Merkle RMG faced unprecedented business challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Case Studies

Save the Children
Save the Children
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Episcopal Relief & Development
Mother and daughter in Namibia
Project HOPE

White Papers

Donor Stewardship to Improve Retention
So many nonprofits are competing for a donor’s attention. Learn how small gestures of appreciation can set your organization apart in the mailbox.
New Donor Onboarding for Faster Conversion
Convert new donors into annual donors by transforming the onboarding experience with a few easy tactics to convert new donors into committed annual givers.
Engaging Mid-Level Donors on a Limited Budget
Mid-Level donors get lost between direct marketing and major giving programs. Nonprofits do not need a dedicated resource to steward and cultivate these valuable donors.
Retain More Sustainers by Actively Engaging Them
Sustainers need to know the difference their support makes. Proactively engage your sustainers and communicate with them throughout the year to improve retention and value.

Benchmark Reports

2021 Q3 Quarterly Mail Processing Benchmark Report
Regressing to the mean? Read our latest quarterly benchmark report to learn more about the Q3 trends, and how the industry stands heading into year-end.
2021 Q2 Quarterly Mail Processing Report
A return to normal? Take a look at our updated Quarterly Mail Processing Report that dives into donation processing trends through the end of June.
2021 Q1 Quarterly Mail Processing Report
This is our first Quarterly Mail Processing Report highlighting year-over-year changes in the nonprofit industry.
2020 COVID-19 Impact Report
This installment of our COVID-19 Impact Report reviews the effect the coronavirus pandemic had on direct mail fundraising in 2020. Our report reflects the mail pieces received and processed at our facility between January 1-December 31, 2020.
2018 Nonprofit Donation Benchmark Report
Our first Nonprofit Donation Benchmark Report details more than 39 million transactions and over $1.5 billion in donations for 164 nonprofits from January 1 – December 31, 2018.

Other Resources

The Benefits of Outsourcing
Merkle RMG commissioned this study to learn more about how nonprofits manage their direct mail responses, how well they are performing, the importance of specific attributes when evaluating outsourcing options and their perception of the benefits of outsourcing.
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
The chances that an event will occur that disrupts the processing of your direct mail responses are small but the impact can be devastating. Learn about the importance of having a well-defined Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan and what it should cover.
Keeping PACE with Your Donors
Last year 24% of moves within in the US were not reported to the post office. That’s a huge number of donors who are not receiving your appeals. Learn how Merkle RMG can help you solve the challenge of undeliverable mail.