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Merkle RMG safeguards the pick-up, opening and rapid deposit of your constituent payments – letting government serve citizens with full confidence that all remittances are handled securely.

Our high-tech/high-touch methods ensure speed and accuracy at every step. Automated extraction equipment brings high efficiency, while specially trained staff processes each transaction – including exceptions – according to each client’s business rules.

We use security badges to restrict access to our lockbox department, allowing only department employees to enter. Meanwhile, more than 80 security cameras record activity inside and outside our 125,000-square-foot facility to assure accountability and integrity in all processes. The result is a secure, efficient, and customized solution that helps you responsibly manage constituent monies.

Our highly trained staff manages every lockbox touch point, including:

  • Mail pick-up by our own insured drivers and vehicles
  • Mail extraction and processing in our secure lockbox department
  • Scanning of checks for same-day electronic deposit of funds
  • Identifying and handling of exceptions, including rejects and account look-ups

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