Merkle Response Management Group Introduces Sustainer Processing and Management Solution to Support Recurring Giving Programs

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First of Its Kind Solution to Address Unmet Nonprofit Management Needs 

Merkle Response Management Group (Merkle RMG), a subsidiary of Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, has introduced its turn-key Sustainer Processing and Management solution aimed at maximizing recurring donor satisfaction and revenue. Designed to help nonprofits increase lifetime donor value through the effective management of recurring giving programs, Merkle RMG’s comprehensive sustainer solution offers multi-channel sign-up and update capabilities, flexible giving schedule options, a robust processing engine that manages exceptions, and comprehensive donor acknowledgment and reporting.

Recurring gift programs simplify giving for donors and increase donor retention and lifetime value for nonprofits. As a result, such programs have grown in popularity, creating the need for a more robust sustainer processing and management solution. Sustainer programs present both unique and familiar management challenges, including effectively dealing with donors’ desire to set their own giving schedules, securely handling credit card and EFT charges, and properly acknowledging gifts in a timely manner.

The Sustainer Processing and Management solution allows donors to set an automatic giving schedule and ensure regular and dependable donations, while also maintaining exceptional donor care and acknowledgement. The solution allows nonprofits and their donors complete flexibility regarding amount, frequency and donation method through an easy-to-navigate online web portal. The portal is fully customizable and supports nonprofits’ efforts to make signing up easy, have reliable processing on established schedules, and easy access to management reporting to help reduce the number of lapsed sustainer donors and inform more effective acquisition efforts.

“Nonprofits value recurring gift programs because of the dependable revenue stream they offer and the loyalty and sense of partnership they reinforce with donors. Sustainer donors have made a significant commitment to the nonprofits they support and deserve the highest level of attention and care,” said Bill Sayre, president of Merkle RMG. “We saw the need for a solution to more seamlessly and effectively manage the unique aspects of recurring gift programs and to help nonprofits grow their sustainer programs. Committed to supporting changing nonprofit needs, we developed an approach addressing currently unmet needs of such sustainer programs with the introduction of RMG’s Sustainer Processing and Management solution.”

Merkle RMG’s complete donation processing solutions, including caging, scanning/imaging, contact center, and acknowledgment fulfillment services, help nonprofits meet and exceed donor expectations to generate more revenue to put to work in support of  their missions. To learn more about Merkle RMG’s Sustainer Processing and Management Solution, visit


About Merkle Response Management Group

Founded in 1983, Merkle’s Response Management Group is dedicated to providing complete response processing and fulfillment solutions, including lockbox/caging, scanning, data entry, imaging, inbound call center, email management, acknowledgment printing and mailing, and premium/product fulfillment services. RMG serves more than 200 clients in the nonprofit, government, healthcare, and retail markets.  For more information about Merkle RMG, please visit, or follow us on Twitter@MerkleRMG.

About Merkle

Merkle is a global data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency and the largest independent agency in the US for CRM, digital, and search. For more than 25 years, Fortune 1000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with Merkle to maximize the value of their customer portfolios. The agency’s heritage in data, technology, and analytics forms the foundation for its unmatched skills in understanding consumer insights. When combined with its strength in performance media, Merkle creates customer experiences that drive improved marketing performance and shareholder value. With more than 2,900 employees, the privately held corporation is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland with 14 additional offices in the US and offices in London, Shanghai, and Nanjing. For more information, contact Merkle at 1-877-9-Merkle or visit

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