Merkle Response Management Group Ready to Build on 300% Growth with Creditron as their Technology Partner

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hagerstown, MD - Merkle Response Management Group, one of the nation’s largest full-service direct response processing and fulfillment companies, has announced the decision to extend its 10-year partnership with Creditron by purchasing their ItemAge Express scanning and data capture solution. Processing over 40 million transactions annually in four vertical markets; non-profit, healthcare, government and commercial, Merkle Response Management has built a reputation for exceptional customer service, and recognized that Creditron shares this priority. “We have had a strong partnership with Creditron for over 10 years. During that time they supported our 300% client and revenue growth, the ever changing requirements of our clients, and our ongoing cost saving and efficiency initiatives.” says Bill Sayre, the President ofMerkle Response Management.

The ItemAge Express platform will allow Merkle Response Management to remain on the leading edge of technology, providing several significant enhancements that will benefit their clients. These include Remote Deposit Capture, 2-D Barcode capability and a web based portal for client exception handling. In addition, the ItemAge Express solution accelerates onboarding of new clients with flexible configuration tools, and 

enhances customer service with robust security and comprehensive audit capabilities. Full conversion to the new platform is expected by Q2 2015.

According to Sayre, “We looked across the various vendors who provide similar solutions, Creditron really stood out as the best choice for Merkle Response 

Management. Not only did they fully understand our business model and client requirements, they also offered a solution that is tremendously flexible. Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of our business, so it isvital that our business partners match up to that.”

Creditron’s CEO Wally Vogel said “I am so pleased to be able to strengthen our relationship with Merkle Response Management. Creditron’s success has been built on long term relationships with satisfied customers. Delivering on promises is key, and that is what we will continue to do.”

About Merkle’s Response Management Group

Founded in 1983, Merkle’s Response Management Group is dedicated to providing complete direct response processing and fulfillment solutions, including caging, data capture, imaging, call center, email management, acknowledgment printing and mailing and premium fulfillment services. Merkle’s Response Management Group supports the direct response processing and fulfillment requirements of more than 200 nonprofit, commercial and government clients. Learn more at

About Creditron

Creditron is a leading provider of payment processing, distributed capture, receivables management and electronic billing and payment solutions. Its solutions combine industry standard operating systems and advanced imaging, scanning and data recognition technology to help financial institutions, businesses and other entities optimize operations performance and improve customer service. The company’s over 400 North American customers process more than 400 million transactions annually, representing more than $100 billion. To learn more, visit