Mid-Level Donor Engagement

Mid-Level Donor Engagement

Build a steady stream of generous support through deeper donor relationships

Learn how the Rapport Mid-Level Donor Engagement solution can inspire larger gifts and ongoing support from your most valuable donors.

Refining your engagement can help you cultivate these generous donors to improve their retention and lifetime value. Periodic outreach will affirm their importance and communicate their impact — making them feel deeply connected to your nonprofit.

Merkle RMG gives you the resources to create a consistent experience for your mid-level donors. Our turnkey solution balances automation with a personal touch — letting you steward donors meaningfully, at scale.

  • Augment your mid-level donor onboarding with a multichannel welcome series.
  • Thank donors and recognize personal milestones with calls, cards or emails.
  • Manage inbound communications and ensure timely responses to donor needs.

Nonprofits are missing out on millions by ignoring their mid-level donors.
Learn why in this white paper.

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