Scanning and Imaging

Merkle data capture employees; Document Imaging Image Archive & Retrieval Data Capture

Our scanning and imaging capabilities help you save costs and responsibly handle constituent data. Merkle RMG uses the latest technology to capture required data and record an image of every document we receive. We manually key hand-written data as needed, balancing our high-tech approach with personalized care.

We store scanned images in Arch-e, our web-based document-search and electronic archive tool. Authorized client staff can view images at any time through password-protected access. Users can search for specific transactions by the data fields captured and view the images associated with each one.

With our solutions, you can confidently meet your fiduciary responsibilities in handling constituent funds and personal data.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Lower data-capture costs
  • Accuracy rates that exceed 99.5%
  • Business rules customized by client that support same-day delivery of data

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